The EU Blue Card is a residence title, used in Germany since 2012. This is targeted at well-educated immigrants and aims to make Germany more attractive. It grants the right to work and live in Germany.

A pre-condition for receiving the EU blue card is a university degree as well as a working contract with a gross salary of at least € 46.400. There is no possibility to get the EU blue card in Germany without a university degree.

The EU blue card is valid for the duration of the working contract but at the beginning there is a maximum of 4 years. When receiving the EU blue card for the first time it is valid for a maximum of 4 years or for the time of the working contract plus 3 months. Owners of the EU blue card get permission to stay after 3 years if their contract is still valid. If it is the case that the owner of the EU blue card can prove a language knowledge at level B1 the permission to stay can be given after just 2 years.

If you have family dependents such as a wife and kids, the blue card allows you to reunite with them, so you will be enabled to live as a family in Europe. This is allowed by law in the residence act: §§ 27 & 29.

If you do not want to stay in Europe especially in Germany, there are restrictions for blue-card holders: permanent permits will lose their validity, when the owner does not live in the out-giving country for some time. After 15 years as a blue card holder however, no-one can take your blue card away then.

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