Some countries of the European Union increase their budget by selling citizenships to foreigners from non-EU-countries.

This is perfectly legal, as the European court of justice repeatedly has confirmed. “Each country of the union has the right to establish the rules, by witch, someone can become a citizen”.

Of course the more prosperous countries, do not put up citizenships for sale. But that does not matter at all, since once you are a citizen of a country of the European Union, you will be able to live, work and do business wherever you choose within the European Union.

Prices differ from country to country. A passport starts from € 750.000 to € 5.000.000, for the first applicant, they differ sometimes for family members. Also in some countries, you will have to invest, start a business, and employ people. Depending on how flexible you are, we will find for you the lowest rate.

The benefit of a passport compared to an EU blue card is clear: Once you have a passport, there is no need to stay in your country of residence at all. There are no governmental regulatory requirements at all. Do whatever you please, since you are a legal European resident & citizen.

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