Whenever and for what reason you want to immigrate into Europe, you will need a little help from professionals, who are experienced in helping investors, to be eligible for a legal residency in Europe; either permanent or temporarily.

We are not the only ones who offer these services, but we understand, that we are the only ones, that offer all-in packages:

It is not done with the permission to stay in Europe:

Usually you do not know the language, which is spoken in the country of your new residency.

Who is going to find you a language-course? We do!

Most certainly, you will need a place to stay. Who will help you buy a house, or rent an apartment? We do!

You will surely want to open a bank-account. We will help you with it.

Maybe you want to buy or lease a car. Who will help you? We will!

And last but not least, who will accompany on all the visits to the local authorities? We will!


It is all part of our all-in philosophy.

There are two possibilities, to become a legal resident in Europe: