If you want to make an investment in Germany, our experience says, that the investor – often not living in Germany – has not the time, to take care of his investment permanently. That is why, we have understood, that we had to create our all-in-services:

OUR all-in-services provide easy completion and the security that all necessities are professionally dealt with.

For example:

if you are willing to invest in real estate or building land in Germany our all-in-services include:

  • finding the object
  • organizing the viewing
  • contract negotiations with the seller
  • regulate banking affairs
  • examination of the purchase contract
  • translation of the purchase contract
  • notarial matters
  • finding a tenant
  • create a rental contract
  • property management
  • finding an electricity provider
  • finding a gas provider (or other fuel provider)
  • finding a telecommunication provider
  • finding a cable-tv-provider or installing a satellite dish
  • vacancy management
  • maintenance of grounds
  • participation at owner’s meetings
  • selling the object
  • organizing renovations
  • organizing the construction
  • finding an architect
  • setting up a company
  • getting the building permit
  • organizing a demolition
  • organizing the soil testing

and there is more.

As you probably can imagine, there are lots of rules and regulations in Germany.

We gladly take all this out of your hands, and professionally will carry out all necessary tasks, including your wishes.

For more information, please write to: investingingermany@hilton-consulting.de